• Texas is slowly changing

    Its Marijuana Laws

Change is Slow

While marijuana is still far away from being fully legalized everywhere, many states have allowed medical marijuana to be used for certain purposes. It has been proven to be a great asset for seriously ill patients, but it is crucial to understand exactly what medical marijuana laws entail.

Texas allows an extremely limited use of marijuana for medicinal purposes only. It has been approved only for people with extreme cases of epilepsy. Only cannabis oils can be utilized under this law because it contains high levels of cannabidiol, a chemical ingredient of marijuana, which can assist with epilepsy seizures.

Marijuana Law Update

  • Future Law Changes

    Expansion of current medical marijuana laws in Texas might take place in the near future. It just depends on new assembly bills that the governor is willing to sign into law. Pay attention to ballot measures in upcoming elections to see what will happen.

  • Be Warned of Current Law

    Meanwhile, if you are caught with marijuana in Texas, you will not be able to tell the police you are using it medicinally unless you fall within the strict categories approved. Depending on the amount within your possession, you could be facing jail time of 180 days.

  • Fighting Marijuana Charges

    In the event you need to fight a marijuana possession charge, consult with Dallas, Austin, El Paso, or any local criminal defense attorney. They can look over your arrest documents, review your rights, and help get the charges cancelled or reduced.